Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 2 in Scotland

Hello Hello,

Look at these pictures. They've been taken from my room, though it was a bit misty...

This is looking out my window to the left

This is looking out my window to the right

This is looking out my window straight ahead

This is looking out my window straight down

Day 2 was nice, met some more people in my group : another belgian girl, 4 dutch people, 2 danish girls, 1 norwegian guy and 1 swedish guy, who's name also is Kjell :D

Opened a bank account, visited the IBM plant to fill in the last of papers.
Had the afternoon free so went through town.
Found some nice shops with very cheap prices and some of the shops are open 24/24 7/7

Tonight I had indian food for dinner : Chicken Makhani Curry with naan bread, basmati rice and chickpea curry. It was very nice and a lot for only £7.99 ;o)

I'm looking forward to tomorrow coz then we'll be looking at flats and houses. They'll pick us up at 10.15am and after visiting the houses, we'll all go for lunch.

Then in the afternoon we'll be free again so I'm thinking about making some pictures of the nice surroundings.

I'll let you know how it went...

Take care !


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