Thursday, November 20, 2008

Learn Bengali online

Its me again ;o)
A few weeks ago, I met this really cool guy. Sweet, cute looking, good character, ... We have a really good connection. He sends me a message the moment im typing one to him or he can say what im thinking, he even finishes my sentences. Its really cool but a bit scary at the same time.

Anyway, hes a Bengali and when we were talking one night, his phone rang. He started talking in Bengali and i found it sounded sooo nice that i started looking to learn that as well.

So here are, for those interested, some links to learn Bengali online.

--> like the Hindi version. It has some useful words and sentences. Ideal for printing and having in your pocket.

--> very short explanation of the alphabet and a little bit of grammar.

--> this one is so far my favorite. its an actual book which theyve put online page by page. they only thing that is missing are the audio tapes. i think the book is very structured and explains the grammar well.

--> nice explanation of the alphabet and at the bottom are some links that might be useful for further learning.

--> same as for Hindi. So far, 5 lessons concerning the Bengali alphabet and recognising letters.

--> site completely in Bengali

--> information about Bengali as language.

--> this is another community where im member of. I forgot to mention it in the previous blog.

Thats it for now. If i find any other useful links, ill definitely put them online.

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rajkamal said...

wow!! nice to knw u like a bengali guy!!
I am a bengali too :)