Thursday, November 20, 2008

Usefull links for language learners

Namaste, (Hello)
aap kaise ho? main theek hoon (How are you? Im fine.)
aapse milke khushi hui ;o) (Nice to meet you)

I started learning Hindi about 1 year ago. It took me a lot of searching before i could find some usefull links to learn Hindi online. Thanks to some online language learning communities, I met a lot of very nice, friendly Indian people who were all willing to help me and some of them became really close friends.
I want to share these links with you so that you dont need to spend days looking for them.
It will give you more time to spend on the actual learning ;o)

--> has some usefull sentences. Ideal printed out so you can look at it when necessary.

--> I liked this one very much. It has explanation of the alphabet and focusses on writing and recognizing words. Lesser point is that it uses English words written in the Devanagari script, like paper instead of the real Hindi word kagaaz..

--> I only had a quick look at it. It seems good for learning the alphabets and some first standard sentences. There is a possibility to hear the pronunciation of the alphabet.

--> These are no actual lessons but blogs. This link goes to the last page (beginning of blog). You have to work your way back to page 1 (most recent blog) Besides the alphabet there are also short informations about culture and traditions.

--> This website is one of my favorites. After you learn to read and write the alphabet, you can start practising to recognise the letters. These stories (from beginners till advanced readers) are ideal for it. They are written in the script, have no translation but there are pictures so you can guess what the story is about. For me, it was very nice for recognising my first words. When you know a bit more vocabulary, you can try to translate the stories.

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