Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Already mid-november !!!


Its been a while again, i know !
Halloween was fun but according to some colleagues it was a bit disappointing at IBM.
Only 10% actually dressed up and the prizes werent that great.

I went to Belgium and had great fun though !
We went out on Friday and Saturday night and it was great !
Thanks a lot guys for the great evenings ! I miss you and hope to see you again soon !

In the mean while, its already November 10th, which means tomorrow is a bankholiday in Belgium so i have a day off and im also off on Thursday and Friday coz my mom is bringing my car to Scotland !!! When i was in Belgium, i made a list of things to put in my car so my mom stuffed it and shell bring the stuff tomorrow. Theyll be going through the tunnel and then its about 900kms drive.

I booked them a room in a very nice B&B in the small town of Inverkip. Have a look at the website if you like: http://www.forestershouse.com/
I already went there to pay and I saw the room they will stay in and its so lovely. I think they will like the bathroom very much coz its a large shower, one of those corner models. Really nice!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that i havent forgotten you. Its just a bit busy this week...
The internet in my apartment is working but very very very slow. Uploading 1 picture of 100kb takes about a full 5 minutes.

Well, for the coming days i wont be online much but i guess starting from next weekend ill be driving around and making lots of lovely pictures again...
Theres so many places i want to visit but i need my car for it so get ready for more pictures soon ;o)

have a great day and take care !



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