Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year !!! welcome to 2010 !!!

may it be a bright, light, happy year for you, your family and your friends !!!

i guess i can now say that im really not good at keeping a blog LOL
its been over a month since i last posted and many things have happened.

i guess the most recent thing is that i went to the mountains in the Argyll area and made some amazing pictures. I cant upload them here though coz its about 150 pictures.

ive put them on facebook coz im more online there than anywhere else lol
so you can always check on facebook.

im going back tomorrow to make some more pictures.
when i get back, i'll post them on facebook and in picasa (you dont need to be a member of picasa to watch pictures)

i hope you all have a great beginning of 2010 and i promise i'll put the pictures online as soon as possible :D

take care !!!



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