Monday, July 4, 2011

01.07.11 1st week of Shape-Ups

Today I got confirmation of how good the shoes really are.

Just to be clear, i'm only wearing the shoes. No dieting, no extra sports, nothing else changed.

But i'm very proud to say that i already lost 1kg in only 1 week time.
The cellulite is almost completely gone. My abdomen got stronger, less fat on my tummy. My butt is firm again and i think in a couple of weeks my thighs might be firm again too. It's cool how fast it goes.

I'm also getting used to the shoes now.
My legs hurt less but i still feel all the muscles in my body working.
With other shoes i have the tendency to slump my shoulders but with these shoes it's impossible.
So by walking straight, i actually see the people around me and they notice me now.
So far, ive only gotten positive feedback.

Let's see how week 2 will go ;o)

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