Tuesday, July 12, 2011

08.07.11+15.07.11 Week 2&3 wearing Shape-ups


Week 2 was a bit disappointing. I gained 0.6kg but lost 0.3% fat
It was my own fault of course. I had my period and as always i over-eat hugely.
My butt and thighs got a bit tighter again and my abs are working too, i can feel them LOL

As for week 3, it's still not over yet so haven't been on a scale yet.

So far it's going well coz i feel less tired, i have more energy.
So much even that i went for a short walk yesterday.
Usually when i come home, i just slump into the sofa and that's it.
Yesterday however, i had a quiet day at the office and in the evening i felt like i had too much energy so i went for a walk in De Schorre (a nature park behind my house)
I walked for about an hour in total. I know it doesn't sound much but i really walked, not shuffled along. It's been years since i went for a real walk ;o)

I can still feel it all in my body that i'm wearing those shoes.
To me, it's a sign of how much i was out of shape.

I still can't wear them a full day though and to be really honest, i don't want to.
I like the "training" effect.
The only thing i miss is something that shapes up my upper body too.
There's no change in my arms coz they don't do any exercises ;o)

In general, I'm feeling much better, my body is getting in shape again and unlike fitness, this really shows.
My legs are much more muscular, my thighs and butt are nice and tight again xD
My abs are working too coz my t-shirts are hanging loose again.

I went shopping on Saturday and i bought pants which are 1 size smaller than usual.
I mean, after 2 weeks !!!! Ok, the pants are made of stretch fabric but only on the legs.
There's no stretch near the zipper so ive actually lost enough to get 1 size smaller.

Begin August the badminton season starts again so i'll join a club to work on my upper body.
And ive got a second pair of Shape-ups which unfortunately, don't sit that comfortably.
I want to use them in a different way. I mean, so far, i only walk and somehow that hurts my calves in a bad way. I'm thinking about doing Zumba again. I'll need some indoor sport shoes for that so i'll try them and hopefully i'll get a good result after a few months.

When i started wearing the shape-ups, i didn't really set a goal. I just wanted to figure out if they work or not. Now i don't really want to focus on it as a goal but i would like to be able to wear a dress for christmas which will be 2 or 3 sizes smaller.
I normally don't wear dresses any more coz to me they accentuate parts of my body which i want to hide.
If things keep going like this, i might want to show those parts in a nice dress.
I don't want things to go faster or better. Just a steady pace with small changes will make me much happier.

Now it's time to go to sleep.
Have a good night !

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