Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 22: Finally back to Earth


Sorry for the long silence. I moved into my apartment on October 8th which meant that I didn't have internet connection nor mobile connection. My apartment lies on a mountain in the small town of Skelmorlie.

The day before yesterday, I finally found a solution for this and so now I do have internet and mobile connection.

A lot of things have happened. I moved in, didn't have any warm water or heater coz the thing didn't work. Now it's finally fixed but makes a hell of a noise.

I have internet and mobile connection which makes me very happy coz at least now I can talk to people again :o) I also bought a cable to connect the tv (which the previous tenant left behind) to the antenna so when the weather is nice, I can watch 4 channels. If it rains or there's a lot of wind, I can only watch 2 channels.

Last week, I spent most of my time sitting with my colleagues in the SC/ITS Benelux team. Listening to conversations and watching them while they use the programs. On wednesday, October 14th, I answered my first call and on Friday, October 16th, I did a test on the SC part for which I passed :D

During the weekends, I mostly walk around in the neighbourhood, checking out the mountain and making lots of pictures. Now that I have internet again, I will post them online but it is a very slow connection so it might take a while before they are all online...

Today was much the same as last week. Listening to HW conversations and answering SC calls.
Tomorrow I will have my first "late" shift. This means that I start working at 9.30am till 6pm.

This is it for now...

I'm sure I'll start posting more regularly again now that the internet connection is back.

Take care !!!



PS I almost forgot !!! The ship QE2 passed in Greenock today. I saw it through the binoculars of a friend and it was just very very very impressive !!!

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