Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 5 : Induction IBM

Hey !

Today was our first induction at IBM. We were picked up at 8.45am.

When we arrived at IBM, there were 3 more new people : again a dutch girl, a canadian girl and a german guy. We all got the names of the teams we'll work in and got a presentation about the history of IBM, the history of Manpower and how both of them work together.

Then we got a small tour in the building. The main floor is huge. It's an open room, the size of 10 rooms where the walls were cut out. Lots of windows, high ceilings and of course all IBM material.
All the teams have their own small "island" and there are lots of banners with team names and flags of the countries.

I'll be working for D&B (Dunn and Bradstreet) in a team of dutch people where Eva and me will be the only belgians. We will be dealing with the belgian queries. Dunn and Bradstreet is a company that looks up all kinds of information about companies. For example, you need an address of a company called Pauwels in Boom ;o) but the address you find on internet doesn't match the phone number. Then you can request D&B to find the right information. We will check all our sources to find the right address and if necessary we'll make outbound calls to ask 10 questions to get our information.

At noon, we had lunch in the cafeteria. You can use your card to put money on it and then pay for anything you want : snacks, drinks, coffee, warm lunch, cold lunch, dessert, ...
I had the haddock with lemon and fries, though i was a bit surprised coz they advertise "haddock, lemon and chips" for £2.30 but when i got at the register, i had to pay £3.05 coz apparently the fries are £0.75 !!! The lady was very nice and didn't charge for the fries coz i was new but still why do they advertise one thing and still charge for another?

from 1pm till 2.30pm we had "buddying" in our teams. we mostly just chatted about working for manpower, the experience of scotland and how to find an apartment LOL

at 2.45pm a bus was supposed to pick us up but it only came at 3.30 so we stood waiting in the rain for about an hour. then it dropped us off at the mall, we all went to look for the things we wanted and at 5pm we were all drinking beers at the James Watt Pub LOL

boys will be boys of course ;o) they had been drinking all week already and they finally convinced us girls to go with them. it is a bit different from belgium though coz you have a beer at lunch, you have a beer at dinner and after that you drink the rest of the evening and get kicked out of the pub at 1am LOL

we had a lot of fun and we agreed on doing it again soon...

Hope you all enjoy your weekend !!!


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