Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 4


Today i got up at 8am, went for breakfast and took a walk along the water. this time i didn't bring my camera and of course that time the sun chose to shine with full power. ;o)

I came back to my room and started looking for apartments. That time, the plan was still to share with Eva and maybe the danish girls so i looked for 3 or 4 bedroom apartments. Out of a list of 20, i only had 2 appointments coz you need to have a license for 3 or more bedrooms and not all them had it. The appointments were in Paisley.

I like the name of the town, probably coz it's an indian design ;o)
But when we actually got there, it looked terrible. Some taxi drivers had already told us that Paisley is a bit "dodgy" but we wanted to see for ourselves and i have to admit, it is reaaaaaally dodgy. I don't know how many of you have been to Berlin in Germany, but if you visit the eastern side of Berlin, you'll find houses with holes in the walls coz of guns and stuff. Paisley reminded me very much of that, do i need to say more??? ;o)

we decided not to go for the apartments, even though the second one was really nice and big on the inside. so we took the train back to greenock and at 4pm i was again online looking for more apartments. the danish girls decided then to just go for a 2 bedroom and stay in greenock. they visited some real estate agents and they will go back on friday to sign the rental contract.

so that leaves me and Eva without apartment. The guys also found a place to stay, they will also sign tomorrow. Ingrid, the dutch girl, also hasn't found an apartment yet so i'm not worried yet coz i'm not the only one ;o)

tomorrow will be our first induction day at IBM so probably not much time to look for apartments. we'll see what happens.

talk to you later !


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