Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 6&7 : Weekend

Hi all,

How are y'all doing? ;o)

Oh, i forgot to tell that i went to some estate agents on friday afternoon and i have 4 appointments for next week. I found out that it's a lot cheaper to go live alone coz you get a discount on the council tax for being alone. And for the apartments I saw, the costs of electricity and all are already included :) Eva has found some flatshare somewhere in the neighbourhood.

Yesterday, i had a great day. We went into town to check out some nice architectures. We went for a sim card for Ditte (danish girl). It's just a crappy system here. You get a sim card when you buy a phone. The phone is already connected to some provider and every provider has a different price for the same phone. For example, the LG KP500 Cookie costs in Belgium 125 euros for just the phone. Here it depends on the provider. If you go for Tesco Mobile, you pay £89 but if you want to go for O2, you pay £109. T-mobile and Orange don't even have that specific phone...

So i bought the LG KP500 from Tesco Mobile coz unfortunately, my phone is become crappy as well. I've had a couple of times that i'm texting someone and in the middle of my text, it just falls out, eventhoug my battery is full. Or I charge it during the night and in the morning it says battery full and 10min laters, again gone, no battery...

So i bought the LG from Tesco Mobile and gave the sim card to Ditte coz I already have a sim card of T-mobile, which i got earlier this week. The only problem now is that i can't use my sim card in the LG unless i pay to get it unlocked...

I went to this weird store where you can get your mobile unlocked and i saw he's just using a website to crack a code so that my mobile gets unlocked. I didn't trust the guy and when he told me i had to leave my cellphone for 2 days, i told him i couldn't coz i was expecting some calls.
So i went looking online myself and i've downloaded a program to unlock it myself for free.
I'll try it today and hopefully it works...

at 3pm, the boys were of course already at James Watt pub and they called us to join so at 3pm yesterday i was already having beer again. On friday night, we mostly tried out all the cocktails and strong drinks so yesterday we went for the different types of beer...

we again had a lot of fun but this time i didn't stay that long coz one of the girls couldn't walk straight any more and she wanted to go home so i took her home. It's only 2min walk but i didn't want her to run under a car because she forgot they came from the right instead of the left ;o)

today is a very quiet day. the sun is shining again and i'm just enjoying internet. during the week, the connection is really slow coz of all the students being online but today it's quite fast :D

another thing i noticed, is that i'm no longer thinking in dutch. we made a rule in the group that with all the different nationalities , it's better to speak english and whomever speaks their native tongue will buy a round of drinks. i haven't spend a single coin yet ;o) but the danish and dutch people have paid a lot already :p i think this rule helps a lot to think completely in english LOL

this afternoon, i might go and check out the leisure complex. I only saw the outside so far and have heard about the things inside, but i'm getting curious so i'll go and check it out.

as for now, i'll try to unlock my phone.

enjoy your sunday and so far this looks like a monologue thing but feel free to comment on my blog :D


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