Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 8 : Dinner


I finally managed to get to a restaurant with indian food.

Most of the restaurants have tandoori on the menu but this one had all kinds of indian food :

To pass time, the house offered us :

spiced onions (tomato sauce with slight mint taste)
with papads

For starter, I had "Alu Tikka" which are deep-fried slices potatoe with Tikka Masala (typical spices) and a tomato sauce.

Ingrid went for the vegetable Pakora (deep-fried vegetables with a tomato sauce)

Vegetable Pakora

As a main dish, I had the "Alu Gobi" which I have never had before but it was delicious !!!

Alu Gobi

with chapati

And Ingrid went for the Chicken Tandoori style with Naan

Chicken Tandoori
with Naan bread

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